​​​​Appliance Zone and Master Samurai Tech would like to recognize all military veterans for serving our great country and protecting our freedoms. 


The sacrifices that you make in order to live our lives in safety are invaluable.


Thank you. 

Q: What branch of the military did you serve in, and for how many years?
I served in 3 branches: Marine Corps (1993-1999), US Army (1999-2003), National Guard (IN & NC)(2003-2013) (Retired).

Q: What were your main duties in the military?
In the Marine Corps I was an AV-8B Harrier II Plane Captain (Powerplant & Flight Line) as well a Marksmanship Instructor. In the US Army I was a Combat Medic for an Infantry Company at Fort Campbell, KY and Camp Grieves South Korea. And in the Guard I was a Blackhawk Crew Chief for an Assault Unit, as well as a Medevac both serving tours in Iraq, and an OH-58 A/C Maintenance Team Leader for a Counter Drug Unit here in Indiana.

Q: What's your hometown? 
My hometown is Union City, IN. Currently, I live in Indianapolis, IN as a Self-Employed Appliance Repairman.

​​Q: What are your goals going into the appliance repair field?

To grow my knowledge and expand my company, to put it plain and simple.

Q:What advice would you have for anyone thinking about entering a branch of the military?

As far as Knowledge & Advice, don't go in blind. Use that service to gain a valuable skill and translate that to a market in the civilian sector. Use the benefits to your advantage and get schooling as well as a trade skill out of it.

"I am looking forward for the opportunity to take this course and expanding my knowledge on this career."   - Brandon Lesesne

The scholarship's first recipient, Brandon Lesesne of Appliance RX out of Rolla, Missouri.

Retailer Appliance Zone and Master Samurai Tech Academy Team Up to Award Appliance Zone Veteran Appliance Tech Scholarship.

Appliance Zone Honors Brandon Lesesne, First Recipient of Joint Scholarship Program

Q&A Excerpt with the Latest Scholarship Recipient, Darrell Clevenger

CORYDON, Ind. - Aug. 6, 2015 -- Appliance Zone, an online retailer of appliance parts and accessories, holds our nation's veterans in high esteem. As a way of showing appreciation for service, the company has joined forces with Master Samurai Tech Academy to offer a scholarship exclusively for military veterans.

"You can make a very solid living in the appliance repair industry, as it is one of the most in demand careers out there," says Appliance Zone CEO Jim Allen. "We want to give our veterans something that they will use for a lifetime."

The scholarship's first recipient, Brandon Lesesne of Appliance RX out of Rolla, Missouri, is already on his way toward learning the same valuable skill set that Allen spent fourteen years learning in the field.

"If I would have had the opportunity to take a training course to give me all of the knowledge that the Fundamentals of Appliance Repair Training course does, I would have jumped at the chance," adds Allen.

The ApplianceZone.com Military Veteran Appliance Repair Training Scholarship Program will be awarded periodicially to qualified applicants who are selected by committee.

About Appliance Zone

Appliancezone.com is a leading on-line retailer of appliance parts and accessories for do-it-yourself homeowners and repair technicians alike. Incorporated in 2008, it was started by CEO, Jim Allen and his wife Paula, who operated an appliance repair business for nearly fourteen years prior to starting the internet company Appliance Zone.


About Master Samurai Tech Academy

Since 1996, founder Scott Brown, a US Navy Veteran, has been active in the major home appliance repair industry as an in-home technician and guiding repair technicians online as his internationally-acclaimed appliance tech alter-ego, Samurai Appliance Repair Man.

With over 20 years of experience, founder Scott M. Brown is a nationally respected name in the appliance repair industry. His field of experience is impeccable. His deep, accurate knowledge of brands, appliances, and happenings in the marketplace cannot be denied. And now, his wealth of knowledge can be your wealth of knowledge.